What’s more humiliating to a straight man than getting caught wearing panties in front of beautiful women?

A humiliation game for the straight man.

Humiliation Bootcamp!

Sometimes I wonder, when a man is trying to get into my panties, how far would he go? How much humiliation would he be willing to take to get into my bed? Men are so much fun when they are in the courting stage of our relationship and think they are in control. They are amazing in the fact that they would go against their very own moral codes just for some good sex.

I am remarkably good at sex.

(Not bragging or anything….)

But anyway, I dated a man once, who was completely straight and conservative. I know, I played with him for a while, because he took me to most wonderful places and bought me fun things. After a while though,  hearing him whine about his lack of sex, I decided I would give him an ultimatum. He could have sex with me every week for a month, as long as he played my little humiliation game.

He would be required to dress up in drag for me at my girls night sleep over.

I enjoy having all girls sleep overs sometimes. We get together, have some drinks and talk about men and their tiny peckers. Sometimes, we hire male escorts to come over and dance for us. He didn’t know this, of course. He just figured we did each others’ hair, or something stupid like that. I told him if he did this thing for me, I would give him the best sex of his life for a month.

After that month, we would, of course, renegotiate My terms.

He agreed only because he thought he could win MY humiliation game.

I dressed him up, and he danced for all of us. My girlfriends had a fantastic time. I throw a fantastic party, even if I do say so myself. The ladies there would be talking about the party for months.

I had a fantastic time video taping it on my security cameras.

Now, Mr. “I am too good wear panties” was All mine.

(Or, at least till I was bored with him and passed him off to one of my girls to use.)

Also, the sex that he would be having would be with My pretty pink strap on.

Isn’t humiliation fun?

Hugs and Kisses!!


Mistress Simone

(cause it’s fun being evil!!)



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