If I had a dollar for every submissive who told me he’s good with his tongue, I’d be a very rich woman.

BTW: “good with my tongue” is code for, “I have a little penis, but I fantasize that I’m still useful to women, because I eat pussy like nobody’s business.”

Now, no woman is going to choose a stubbie dicked submissive over a real man with a real cock, but there are indeed times when sitting on a bitch’s face will do in a pinch.

But you need to understand that it’s one thing to eat pussy, and it’s quite another to get queened by Mistress.

What is the difference, you say? Well, the difference between face sitting with Mistress and eating pussy is apples watermelons and oranges.

Don’t believe me? Go get an orange and cut it in half crosswise. You know, so you cut across the sections. Now lick it. Juicy isn’t it? Go on, get in there and really work your tongue. Rub your nose in it.

Let those juices drip off your chin. Maybe even slip a finger in. Nice, yes?

Now get a watermelon, a nice sized round one (no, not those pathetic cantaloupe sized watermelons, get a big one!). Cut a wedge out of the watermelon, a little more than 1/4 of the melon. Put that wedge aside. See that big part of the melon? THAT is your Mistress, and THAT is what will be going on your face.

Lay down and put that melon on your face. Now start eating that melon the same way you’d eat me if *I* was sitting on your face!

It’s kind of heavy, isn’t it, and the more you eat, the more it’s laying on your face. You can’t breathe so well, can you? Is Mistress smothering you with her pussy? Well, just do the best you can and be very, very glad it’s not me sitting on your face, because I love to make you squirm when I get going and start really grinding on your face.

In case you’re wondering, yes, I am as juicy as a watermelon (would you like references?), and so you’d better be ready if you expect me to queen you. Practice hard, and maybe you’ll get lucky!

Practive Face Sitting for Mistress Piper.

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