Did I forget to tell you that you're the guest of honor at our CFNM Mistress party?

Prepare to Impress Me!

You want to make me smile, don’t you? Then get naked for Mistress!

What’s the matter? Are you afraid I’ll see your hard little pee pee? You aren’t ashamed of it, are you?

What do you mean, you’re afraid my friends will catch you naked? Of course they’re going to catch you naked! Did I forget to tell you that you’re the guest of honor at our CFNM Mistress party?

It’ll just be me and a few of my friends staring at your naked body, making bets on who can get your little pee pee hard first!

*giggle!* It looks like I won the bet before anyone else even got here! You’re hard already! Oh, there’s the doorbell. Be a dear and go answer it for me–and no, don’t try to convince me to let you put on pants. And NO hiding behind the door!

If you misbehave, I may have to spank you in front of everyone. I’m sure you don’t want to make the CFNM humiliation any worse than it already is, do you? Good boy!

Everyone told me they think your little penis is cute. Don’t you feel better about being naked in front of all my friends now? They like your little pee pee!

In fact, they like your pee pee so much, they think you need to show them how you play with it.

Now now, you don’t want our guests to be disappointed, do you? These ladies asked you to play with your little wee, and so now that’s exactly what you need to do!

I heard some of the ladies whispering and saying they thought you should get lucky tonight. What do you think that means? Maybe we’ll let you see us naked? Would you like for all of us to take off our clothes and let you see our smooth, sexy, naked bodies?

Silly boy! You don’t get to see us naked!

No, my version of you getting lucky is allowing you to cum on my feet and then lick it up! Now get to work! And–you’re welcome!

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