You know you’re required to always be a naked CFNM slut when you call Ms. Piper. No hiding behind clothes. I know all of your depraved secrets.

I love it when you’re standing there naked and cold, your shriveled little worm trying to hide from me when just one word from me will make it stand up and wave like the stupid little insect it is. (Don’t even mention a worm isn’t an insect unless you want things to become much worse for you.)

What does a Mistress like me need to do with a little bitch like you? Maybe I’ll just make your little wee get hard by whispering all the dirty things I know you think about when you’re playing with it. Maybe I’ll shove it down in a cup of ice until it almost disappears.

A desperate man is an exciting thing, and to know you’ll always know your place because I keep you solidly there makes it all the more erotic for me.

Perhaps we should just let you do what you do best: play with that pathetic lump you call a penis. You’d like that so much, wouldn’t you? And if one Mistress is good, then 10 Mistresses must be even better. Go on stroker slut, show us your favorite pastime.

Do I need to get the ice? Don’t you think your pecker is small enough already? Can you really take any more humiliation over your disappointing appendage?

Stroke it bitch! Stand in the middle of the room naked and play with your penis like a dirty slut!

Cum on the floor and get on your knees. Eat your own cum off the floor. Now thank us for being a good audience for your performance!


Ms. Piper humiliates naked CFNM sluts.

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