A Humiliation “How To” For Your Slave

There are so many ways a woman can humiliate a male, and I have at least ten thousand humiliation scenarios at my fingertips…

This Humiliation Bootcamp post is really for the ladies- your Mistress, your cuckolding hot wife, your controlling girlfriend.  Of course, I’m sure you’ve stumbled upon this post, so you’ll have to send her the link so she can read it or you can read it to her.  I mean, you do want them to humiliate you and make you feel small, don’t you?  Oh, I know, your penis is small, but I’m talking about you as a person, a submissive, a slave.

Keep That Body Smooth

Make him shave everywhere on his body below the eyebrows.  Even better, have your lucky, soon to be smooth subbie do it while you watch.  Make sure he doesn’t forget his ‘taint or the crack of his ass!  Now, you can dress him up in some pretty panties, bra and thigh highs – a smooth sissy is a happy sissy, I always say!  But wouldn’t it be more fun if you took a photo of him (without face) and use it as your avatar on your favorite chat program?  Every time he IM’s you, his hairless body will be staring back at him, reminding him of how good you are at humiliation!

Panty Humiliation

This may not work so well – from a humiliation standpoint – if you have a panty boi, but if you love your man in panties take all his male underwear and lock them in box and keep the key. Every morning, make him come to you and beg you to pick out a pair of panties for him to wear.  If you want to be really naughty and kinky, you could even make him wear your panties from the day before!

Remind Him He’s A Humiliation Slut

Body writing is always a fun way to humiliate him, so pick 10 degrading words/phrases and write them wherever you wish on his body in magic marker or lipstick.  This is a fun way to explore what I’d call semi-public humiliation.  You can send him to the office or out on errands with things like slut, cum bucket, anal whore, etc. written all over him, but hidden under his clothes.  He’ll know they’re there, but chances are no one else will ever see them. Unless his clothes are see-through… 😉

I’ve got so many other humiliating ideas!  Give me a call and let’s see which one works for you!

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