Dear Ladies,

Here’s your humiliating assignment for your straight man.

I double dare him to do it while you watch!

A humiliating assignment for your straight man!

You will learn to LOVE IT!

What’s more humiliating then buying a dildo, when you’re straight?

Let’s face it, most straight men are scared to death of being thought of as gay in public. The idea that being seen by the wrong person could ruin their reputation around the office or around town is terrifying! (giggle) This is exactly why playing with this concept is so amusing to me. It is also why it is such a super hot humiliation role play.

Have your straight man go to the gay part of town.

Most, if not every, big city has the gay district. This is the area most gay men can go and feel comfortable, where they can be themselves without being harassed. There is typically an adult store in these areas of town. Gay men LOVE their adult toys.

Have your straight man go into the adult store and look for a new dildo.

It’s not enough to just browse the dildo either. Have your straight man really fondle the toys and examine them. Then, if he hasn’t already been approached by a male salesperson, have him find one. There should be no cheating on this adventure. If a female approaches, it is his job to say he is doing fine. Then go find a male to ask questions.

Have him ask what the best selling dildo is right now?

It will be a highly humiliating task to ask another male about a dildo. Then, have him ask about lube, and the best types of lube and what he personally recommends for a beginner. Ask the sales person for pointers as far as the best way to insert the new dildo.

Now, imagine the type of world we would live in if everyone pretended to be gay for a day or a week. We would be a much more tolerant society. Therefore, if you are straight and reading this, I offer you this challenge. Go out and complete this humiliating task and then write me and tell me what happened.

I look forward to your responses!

Hugs and Kisses

Demon Mistress Simone

(cause it’s fun being evil.)

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