The power of humiliation for you equals absolute obedience.Mistress Cindy is your superior female.

It’s clear to me you want to expand your horizons…you want to challenge yourself to do things you never would have considered previously. Previously…meaning previous and prior to your acceptance of your own perversions and unbridled carnal lust.

Perhaps, the time has come for you to learn what absolute obedience truly is and how to put it into practice for your Mistress. Until, of course, she decides to dispose of you on a whim or similar fanciful thoughts.

You must allow her to feel satiated in exacting her dominance over you. You, in turn, must learn the power of womanhood and pay dearly for your weakness as a lowly beta male. Fortunate for you, you will be in the hands of a superior female…displaying before your eyes the magic of pussy-power.

Humiliation is required to make you squirm in bondage.

Prepare yourself to savor the exquisite taste of pussy and ass as you’ll soon be on your knees worshiping them. No doubt, you’re probably once again deceiving yourself into thinking that this is the ultimate ecstasy. I assure you, however, it will be cruel torment.

Begin to feel your anal sphincter clenching hard at the butt plug. You are surrounded by beautiful Mistresses chanting, clapping and laughing at your humiliation. With all this attention upon you, your cock instantly stiffens at the command of the Mistresses’ voices.

As your manhood stands at attention, ready to surrender what’s left of your hot seed, prepare to be gag bucked and become the object of pleasure for all women witnessing your shame. Your moans will be subdued with a pungent pair of silk panties and you will buck uncontrollably and made to squirm in bondage.

Enjoy humiliation with your superior female.

Say goodbye to your freedom. Having a woman squatting down on your face with her hot wet cunt is how you will train your slimy tongue to please. She holds you in contempt with your sniffing at her soft feminine scent while nectar floods your pallet…your forte is being a cum dumpster for horny dominant women.

Now enjoy your humiliation and take comfort in the knowledge that your weakness in the face of feminine superiority has sealed your fate as a submissive.


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