Humiliation Assignment

Here you are, this big strapping guy, so sure of yourself and so on top of everything in his life, but then you met me, the one woman who can bring you down a few pegs. No matter what your true kink, you will go shopping for me and you will enter the lingerie store, and when approached by the sales girl who asks if you need help, you have to sayMs. Constance has a public humiliation assignment for you! “What size would I be in cheekie panties?”  Watch how her lips curl into a smile, trying to hold back the giggle, and watch her check you out and then without missing a beat, say “Ohh, you would be a large.”

Purchase Things to Humiliate Yourself

Once you’ve found a few panties, you will purchase them and stroll up to the counter, and when asked if you found everything okay you will say “I sure did. I hope these all fit me nicely.” Then you will ask if they have a mailing list you can join so that you can know about all the great deals they have. Fill it out right there and then.

Display that Shopping Bag

Now you will walk through the entire mall or shopping center with your purchases from the lingerie store swinging in your hand like a giddy girl. Oh, I know you’re not feminine, you have no desire to be a sissy or a cross dresser, but what you do desire is to be humiliated, and this will certainly do. Listen for the giggles as you walk by, look at the eyes of those knowing women who check out your bag and then your face.

Humiliation in Public can be so Much Fun

Now you see just a few things you can do to publicly humiliate yourself while shopping, and I have other ideas as well, not just geared towards shopping for panties. Here is a teaser. Imagine going to the adult shop and having to read out loud the description on the biggest dildo they own! Or asking for the best anal lube, hehehehe, so much fun!



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