Do you have a hard time getting, well, HARD?Here’s some Great News Guys!

 Sucking a cock cures male impotence!

Do you have a difficult time getting  hard?

Perhaps, you need a new type of sexual stimulation.  If your happy little pecker no longer has a mighty pick me up, maybe you need to think about sucking a cock.  Now, before you stop reading about cock sucking, consider for a moment the last time you had a hard on that was as hard as a rock?   If it’s been that long, then it’s time you opened your horizons to newer types of fantasies.


You don’t actually have to suck a cock to fantasize about it!

Role playing about sucking a cock is fun, especially if it gets your dick nice and hard.   Consider how long you have been having boring, vanilla sex.  Anything gets boring if you have done it long enough.  Now, think about putting a nice thick cock in your mouth and rotating your tongue on it.

Is your cock getting nice and plump while thinking about it?

It’s a “Bon-a-fide Simone Fact”, that sucking a cock, or a cock shaped dildo, will get your dick nice and hard.  It will solve that annoying problem of not being able to get it up.   You can start out dealing with your impotence problem by imagining a cock the same size as yours,  except having it in your mouth.

Give that cock a nice sloppy, wet blow job, just the way yours would like it.

Think of this nice hard dick as a working version of your own.   You aren’t sucking another man’s cock.  You are just empowering your own to work better.   After all, having a role play about sucking a cock is Never the same as going out and actually sucking one.

Are you ready to get rid  of that impotence and suck a cock for me?

Then, call me and let’s get you into sucking cock.

I promise I’ll give you the most powerful orgasm you’ve ever had….

This apple is sooooo Sweet.  Just take a little lick for ME!

Hugs and kisses!

Demon Mistress Simone

(cause it’s fun being evil!)


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