Cindy II
Accept your orgasm humiliation.

If I remember correctly, the last time we spoke you mentioned wanting to have your penis locked up in a metal constraint. I was happy to hear your confession. It has also occurred to me that every man should confess his cuckold humiliation fantasies.

Now is the time for that beautiful, young, sexy wife of yours to have a steady boyfriend. A young man who is virile, potent and eager to please. While you, dear sir, remain the spineless and pathetic man you have always been. Understand that your honey’s new boyfriend will be a regular visitor. You’ll have to endure the humiliation as you get used to both your new mechanical restraint and his pretty face.

A point system is always effective in controlling men. It allows them to know where they stand in the eye of their Mistress. If you’re uncomplaining and diligent you might accumulate enough points to be allowed an orgasm every few days. Make no mistake, however, you will have to work hard and be of use to your sovereign. You can start by accepting orgasm denial. This will become undeniably proof of your desire to serve.

Try holding back tears of cock frustration.

Occasionally on special nights, you will be teased mercilessly as you feel a tight grip wrap around your cock. Feeling soft hands slowly working your penis as you’re brought closer and closer to the edge of an orgasmic cliff. Once you’re on the edge listen to the seductive whisper in your ear asking, “Do you want to cum?” Feel those soft hands massaging and nurturing your penis. You like that, don’t you? Now feel your body begin to shiver.

As always, even a few simple hand strokes make your body spasm. Try and hold back your tears of frustration…it’s not easy, is it? By the time I’m done edging you, your mind will be pliable and your spirit broken.

Aww, there’s nothing like ruling a man’s sexuality this way in order to gain complete control over him. I hope you enjoy being edged over and over again because orgasm denial has made you even more of a slave.


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