What’s up dummy?

Are you ready for some hardcore humiliation?

Ms. Simone schools you in hardcore humiliation.

Do you want a good sob when you go to sleep tonight?  If that’s the case, then you need some hardcore humiliation.  Let’s face it, life would be great for you if you were able to sit between my legs at the dinner table  while I gently massaged your cock.   Can you imagine licking me softly while I moaned in orgasmic bliss and then you jizz all over my feet. . .

Ha! Wake up loser, that’s not going to happen here!

Nope, this is hardcore humiliation, where you beg to speak to “Bitchy Simone”.  This is where you grovel and beg or you get your face slapped repeatedly.    Now, I do allow you underneath the table while I eat, but, it’s only because I don’t want to see your ugly face.   You might be allowed to cook me dinner if you’re good, but I don’t think I want my appetite to be ruined by looking at you.

Also, as far as the issue of you cumming…..


That’s sure as hell not going to happen, and definitely not on my feet.   I do however enjoy the wetness of your tears on my toes.  This is great lubrication for when I kick you in the balls for entertainment.   You see, while eating dinner, I also like to have something in the background that makes me laugh or smile.    Though, I don’t want it to upset my tummy while I’m eating.  Otherwise, I would look at your penis.

But, the sound of my foot hitting your soft balls.

OH, that’s some cock and ball torture that I can really get behind at the dinner table!

If you love hardcore humiliation as much as I do and are looking for a mean mistress then email me at Simone@enchantrixempire.com and tell me how pathetic you really are.

I look forward to torturing you soon


Demon Mistress Simone

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