Hey,Pathetic Pin Dick Stroker! Ms. Cooper is Talking to You!

Hey, you pathetic, little dick loser.       Ms. Cooper is talking YOU!

Pathetic Pin Dick

Get on your knees, you pathetic, little pin dick, and get your hands off of your cock.  You are a chronic masturbator who needs to learn a few manners.  Is that all you think about?  Having your hand on your dick?   There are so many things that you could be doing.  Besides, that tiny little thing you call a dick is so small and worthless, no woman would ever want to touch that nub of yours.  I bet no woman to this day has, ha ha ha!

Pricklet Dicklet

I don’t understand the attraction that you have to your pricklet.  I mean, there is not enough of it to really stroke and have any fun with it.  What a fucking loser, a little dick loser, at that!   Get used to being alone the rest of your life and also being a lifetime virgin, lol!  I bet that you don’t even have any friends. No one wants to be around a little worm like you.  I know you have zero confidence in yourself, walking around with your head down all of the time.  Of course, I know that you stay at home the majority of your time, so that you can rub on that little dicklet.  Not only are you a chronic masturbator, but you also have a pathetic little cock.  Wow, what a very sad combination.  I mean you want to touch it all of the time, but you really have nothing to touch.  That must be very frustrating for you, lol.

Hey, Stroker! You Loser!

I do hope that you wear little, pink panties, because your little thing would get lost in a pair of boxer shorts.  Well, bottom line is that you can train yourself not to masturbate all of the time, but there is not a damn thing that you can do about the pathetic pin dick you have, loser!

Listen to ms. Cooper

Listen to Ms. Cooper

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