Oh my! Is that your dick or did you drop a Vienna Sausage between your legs hahaha.  That is pathetic and trust me no one wants to see that little thing let alone touch it. You are such a total loser!

Total Loser Humiliation

You really are a loser but at least you know it right?  I mean how could you possibly not know? You’re still a fucking virgin hahaha. It’s not just that pricklet of yours… you are just a TOTAL loser.  You talk like a loser, walk like a loser, and you think like a loser hmmmmmm, I guess you know what that means right?  LOSER,LOSER,LOSER,  hahaha.

Well there may be one or two good things about you like you spend lots of money on women trying to buy their affection and we love that! Maybe your good at running errands when there is 5′ of snow on the ground, but other than that I see no other redeeming qualities in you!

Losers Get Off On Degradation Humiliation

I’m sure you have a very small group of friends, if any, and if you do it is just because you pay for everything. They laugh and talk about you like a dog after the evening is over and then call you in the morning to tell you where to meet them that night and don’t forget to bring your wallet!

You are a total pathetic loser with the confidence of a worm and that’s giving you too much credit ha! So where do you go from here?  No where. You are down as far as you can go and you will not go any higher. Want to know why? Because you are a complete flunk out as a man and the only people who deal with you are those who want your money and for you to do things for them.  You are a nothing, a zero, and you will always and forever be without a woman in your life so get use to it!!

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