I have a confession to make. I love to bust your balls!!! Figuratively and literally. It is completely necessary to take some of your fake- as- silicone tits confidence away. I know that underneath it all, you are an impotent, acne faced 18 year old, hoping to get lucky with the captain of the cheer leading squad. Well, ya’ know what? She… I mean, I don’t entertain amateur losers like you! Besides, if you’re not getting much or any pussy, something is very wrong.

The beginning of cbt fun

I never thought of myself as a mean girl or sadistic type. The opportunity presented itself one evening when I was on a date. I went to the movies with a guy that I had seen a few times before. He was cute, nicely built and our other dates were fun. About halfway through the movie, he put his hand on my thigh and started to move it up. I moved his hand back to his thigh. He leaned over and whispered in my ear, “C’mon Lena, don’t be a cocktease!” Just then he grabbed my hand and put it on the bulge in his pants. I stood up to leave and he tried to block my way. It all happened so fast! I kicked him in the balls with my high- heeled boots and pushed past him, as he doubled over in agony.

Permission to torment balls

After that night, something changed in me. I didn’t feel sorry or afraid of repercussions because the campus police had a lousy record of handling cases like this. I took care of business and it made me feel so powerful! I saw the jerk a few weeks later and of course, he begged for another chance. I told him to come to the sorority house later since there was going to be a party. He must have thought he was in heaven when he arrived. I led him upstairs with one of my girlfriends. Little did he know this was going to be the first of many American coed cbt sessions.

Let the CBT games begin

When he saw the bed covered with a black rubber sheet and the shackles on the bed post, he wet his pants!!! We started to giggle. I slapped him in the face and growled,”Awww….are you feeling like a little bitch! Maybe you need some strap-on humiliation?” He gasped in horror and swallowed hard…very hard. When the loser’s body was secured to the bed post with restraints, Amanda and I got the bungee cord. “What is that for?”, the loser asked. We proceeded to wrap his pathetic dick with it. He winced, as the cord got tighter around his blushing cock. I smiled when his balls bulged out from beneath their wrapping. Picking up his jeans from the floor, I removed his belt from the loops. Doubling it over, I brought it down on his cock head with all the force I could muster. The loser cried out in agony and I loved every minute of it!Listen to Ms Lena

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