Hello there, to all of you who get off by being completely humiliated by Sexy Mistresses! From shrimp dicks, cuckolds, and more, do I have a treat for you. Ms Constance and I have a very special promotion that may just leave you in a puddle on the floor whimpering. Ready to hear all about it? BEG, HAHA! That is what you’re used to, isn’t it? Begging for mercy, release, to just take it easier on you. Never!

Humiliation Tag Teaming With Two Mistresses

The official name of this program is called Two Mistress Tag Team Training, or TMTTT for short. And yes, you heard me right.  You need to get on your knees NOW and beg to be lucky enough to have this opportunity. We will surely put you through your paces too. From small penis humiliation to verbal abuse and more. You’ll feel the wrath from two dominant and sexy Mistresses and be left quivering in your panties.

Humiliation Tag Teaming With Two MistressesWhat Is Two Mistress Tag Team Training and How Does it Work

It is a 4 week program, where you will make 2 calls with Ms Constance and 2 calls with Me, Ms Kaylee within a 4 week period. The calls need to be at least a 20 minute minimum. In return you will receive 2 emails a week, 1 from Ms Constance and 1 from Me. They will be filled with humiliating tasks, teasing and so on. We will be sharing details of your calls with each other. So you will know that we are probably laughing at you while we do so!

You will also get a weekly Two Mistress audio from us for your private pleasure. Personalized just for you! Can you imagine every week you will listen to us tormenting you at the same time for FREE!?!

How to Sign Up For This Two Mistress Promotion

Just email us both, be sure that you copy both of us to the email. Let us know what your kink and goals are, and of course, any questions you may have. Then once you place your first call with one of us, your 4 weeks will begin. Good luck!!

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