Before any of you small penis holders get all excited let me explain the title. The Mistresses are all a buzz about the mini penis marathon happening this Saturday the 22nd and not because we WANT small dicks but because we are shocked at all the small penis pictures that were entered into the contest! Who knew there were so many small penises out there!

Small dicks make us laugh

Yes, we have spent the better part of the day giggling at all the little dicks and marveling at just how tiny some of those dicks are!!! I mean from little dicks that are no more than a bump to stubby un-fuckable dicks that are not the smallest but still not worthy of a pussy!

You call THAT a dick?

What are small penises good for?

Making us all laugh and giving us all something to chatter about that’s what!! Ohh… and the small penis humiliation does not end with just the pictures and the Mistresses voting on them…no, no, no. In fact we are having a mini cock radio marathon Saturday and the winner of the small penis contest will be announced for all to hear!

Join in on the fun

So here is your task. This Saturday at 3 pm eastern you need to bring your little dicks and yourself on over to the adult chat room and hang out for the fun show. There will be live cock radio happening for this very special mini prick event and a new Mistress each hour during it!!

Here is your chance to get in on some of the sph fun and wiggle in your chair as your humiliation and embarrassment builds!!!Listen to Ms Constance

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