Look at you, so weak and submissive, ready to do anything that you are told to do. You are a fucking little loser who has nothing to offer anyone! Most likely you have a worthless little pecker that no woman would want to get close to much less touch! Hold your head up, you walk around looking at the ground, are you ashamed of yourself? If not, you should be hahaha.

I mean do you have any redeeming qualities? You seem like a total loser to me and you always will be! What woman in her right mind would want to hook up with you? She would have to be a complete loser herself to want anything to do with your pathetic ass! I bet when you were a youngster you had no friends, that no one wanted to play with you or spend time with you and it is probably still like that! Do you ever think about how it would feel to be a real man? Of course, you know that you are far from being a man. You are a weak, little dick loser with no friends.

You have no future as far as getting married or having a family….thank goodness for that. Who needs more losers running amuck! I bet that you stay at home and rub that tiny dicklette of yours while everyone else is out having fun. Well I can assure you that you are the only one who wants to touch it hahaha! I bet the only fun you have is sitting around masturbating, that you are a chronic masturbater who can’t keep his hands off of that shrimp dick. You probably even have a pet name for him, I think stubby or shorty would be a great name hahaha.

So like I said, keep it to yourself and know that you will forever be a virgin. You are such a waste of space and air! I guess maybe you are good at something, being there for women like me to humiliate and laugh at! I do thank you for that lol.

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