Pass The Penis August Promo

Pass The Penis August Promo
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Have you heard about our AWESOME Pass the Penis Promo going on in August?

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You Know You Want To!

I’ll bet you thought our Pass the Penis game was primarily for guided masturbation, didn’t you? No wonder your Mistress thinks you’re stupid! Pass the Penis is perfect for humiliation sluts of all kinds.

Mistresses love to show off their handiwork, and what better way to please your Mistress than allow her to parade you around in front of her Mistress friends?

Imagine confessing all of your naughty fantasies to 3 or 4 Mistresses you’ve never spoken to before!

Of course, I would be sure to brief all of my delightful fellow Mistresses so they would make sure you didn’t leave anything out. Of course, this is only to HELP you. I know how nervous you’ll probably be, and I don’t want you to have a disappointing call. Really, I’m just concerned about you!

So why don’t you go ahead and get your favorite frilly rhumba panties out and slip them on. Or, grab that hothouse cucumber I make you deep throat.

I have a feeling that cum you slurp up from your frustrating ruined orgasm is going to taste extra sweet after three other Mistresses have warmed you up for me!

So (as one of my sexy Mistress friends put it) have some sexy time on our dime and take advantage of our August Pass the Penis Promo. Get all the details by clicking the link at the beginning of this post, or the banner above.

I can’t wait to hear you begging and pleading for mercy after we Mistresses put you through your paces!

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