You enjoy being dominated by beautiful, sexy, powerful women. You’ve felt this way as long as you can remember. A woman’s pleasure is all that matters to you regardless of what or how much she wants or needs…your personal expectations are as unwanted here as you saying “No” to your dominatrix. There is immense pleasure in humiliation for you.

Let Your Mistress Take Pleasure In Humiliating You

Allowing a woman to take great pleasure in humiliating you is just one of the important facets defining who you are. This is consistent given the feeble spinelessness of the typical male submissive. You fear the wrath of a woman’s scorn and fear being taken over by her yet it also serves to heighten your sexual pleasure. It’s the adrenaline rush you get from being dominated that excites your soul and makes you feel so alive..hard cock in hand can often be more exciting than one in the bush, don’t you agree?

Your submission becomes more obvious when you use your oral talents on your Mistress’s pussy, her feet and her toes. Female apocrine glands fill your nostrils with their love potion aromas leading you into a primitive state of heightened, albeit mindless, suggestibility. I have to say, however, it does take a real man to know his power belongs in the hands of a Mistress.

Being Submissive Heightens Every Sexual Pleasure

The control you give up to your Mistress is as much a turn on to you as it is for her to possess it. This control must be looked upon as an intimate gift from you to her…something humbly received, closely cherished, and used responsibly.  Making eye contact with you tells you about the hierarchy that exists between us. You looking back deep into my eyes alerts you to the twinkle that is specifically meant for you and reinforces your submissiveness.

In your state of submission you will learn to masturbate and eat your own cum. You will go to the local shopping mall on a scavenger hunt looking to buy assorted goodies for yourself including pretty pink panties and “come fuck me” heels …and you will learn to properly fluff a bull and find your greatest pleasure in humiliation. After having sex you can clean out the cream pie with your tongue. You will also stand naked in front of a group of clothed females who will verbally torment you about your penis.

I’m being honest when I tell you that you have a mediocre-size cock. Do you realize every one of my past boyfriends had cocks significantly larger than yours? Your cock can’t even scratch the sides of a pussy, I’m sure of it. I like getting fucked by a real man who listens to his Mistress.

Now I must get my dildo and finish the job myself…the way a real man would have done it.

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