coached cum eating phone sex

Want a lick?


Do you want to eat your own cum? It’s okay, you can admit it!

See, I’ll tell you how sexy it is if you eat your cum for mistress. You’ll stroke your erect cock and lose yourself in my sexy voice. I want your cock rock hard and I want to hear you panting and breathing heavy in my ear. I know when you sound like this, you’re almost ripe for the picking.

Picking for what, you ask? Well, any kind of picking I want. Why don’t you switch on your webcam and let me see you naked on cam. Don’t you want to masturbate for me? Isn’t that deliciously naughty?

Edge that cock for me. That’s it, get desperately horny. Now….BEG!

I’m not going to let you cum unless you convince me, and you’re not convincing me at all. Don’t think that eating cum requires an orgasm, because ruined orgasms produce just as much sperm and leaves you horny and frustrated. Your Mistress loves forcing a begging man to ruin his orgasm and then eat his cum, so don’t tempt me!

Keep begging, keep edging, keep stroking. I’m watching you get more and more desperate, and I’m laughing at your predicament.

What kind of man turns control of his cock over to a woman? Why do you allow me to toy with you?

Admit it: you can’t help but do what I command. Stroke harder…stop! Stroke nice and slow….

Are you getting close, my love? Well, I can’t let you cum unless you clean up your mess. Promise me you’ll eat your own cum!

Okay, you are ready. Now you may cum! Let it all come exploding out on that little cum dish.

You know what to do now. Lick up your cum! Eat every last drop!

As you emerge from your cum fog, you hear me laughing at you. That’s disgusting! Why would you do such a thing? Why would you subject yourself to such cum eating humiliation?

Oh yeah, that’s right. Your cock makes you stupid!

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