I can make that orgasm oh-so humiliating!

Humiliating Orgasms

Isn’t teasing your tiny little penis humiliating enough?  Knowing that you’ve given me control of your cock and I get to choose when and how it gets stroked?  Edge after edge, with no idea when…or even if…I’m going to give you permission to cum?  We can always add to those feelings.  I can come up with any number of ways to make that orgasm so very humiliating.

Pantyhose Orgasm

This is not cumming on a pair of my pantyhose!  Do you really think I’d allow you to soil a pair of my expensive silk hosiery?  No, if I allow you a humiliating pantyhose orgasm, it’s going to be while you’re wearing a pair.  A pair that snugly traps your hard, throbbing cock, completely encased inside.  Then I’ll grab my Hitachi Magic Wand, and start running it up and down the shaft, and over your sensitive head.  For me, it’s best when you try to fight off that orgasm, when cumming like this is just too humiliating.  But, the wand always wins, and I can always coerce an orgasm out of you, laughing while you fill those pantyhose with your warm, sticky cream!

Anal Orgasm Humiliation

Now, I will admit, some of my true anal sluts, the ones who call themselves my bitch, love to cum just from anal stimulation alone.  Then there are those who find anal play and being pegged by my strap-on totally humiliating.  Just to add a cherry to that humiliation sundae. It’s a wonderful thing to just be pounding away at them, hear that guttural, primal scream, and watch that jizz spurt out of their untouched cock.  Then of course, I just need to add, “only bitches cum from getting fucked! lol…”

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