Humiliation phone sex mistress

Time to confess all of your nasty fantasies.

A CFNM slut doesn’t deserve to see a woman naked.

He’s not even all that turned on when he sees a naked woman anyway, so why should she bother? It’s much easier to just keep your clothes on and enjoy your pet’s nervousness and arousal while he parades around stark naked with his hard cock jangling up and down. It’s even better if you share him with a friend or two.

Removing the option of ever enjoying the sight of a naked woman from a CFNM stroker boy adds an extra layer of humiliation, doesn’t it?

How did you manage to get yourself into this mess? Do you remember the first time you got hard when a woman giggled at your bare body? Maybe you were in college and your roommate’s girlfriend caught you playing with your cock, or maybe you wandered out of your bedroom naked, not realizing there was a woman in your house. Did she see your cock sticking up, or were you able to get covered up before it betrayed you?

You know you’d rather see that smug look on her face when she glances down at your erection than dozens of big old titties!

Your CFNM femdom mistress really only has your best interests at heart when she removes the possibility of having to lay eyes upon a naked woman. After all, you want to please your mistress more than anything else in the world, don’t you? Well, this mistress wants to feast on your CFNM humiliation.

I want you cold, naked, exposed, and vulnerable. So strip! NOW!

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