Ms Ava I’m not gonna lie; I get totally turned on by humiliating obedient submissives who are oh-so-willing to be subjected to whatever devious deed I task them with. It’s not only fun for me to push your boundaries and exploit your pervy-ness for my pleasure, but it’s also quite a rush to know I have that much control over you.  You’ll do just about any humiliation task to keep your Humiliatrix entertained and amused, won’t you?

It’s Hump Day!

And it doesn’t matter whether or not you do this assignment on a Wednesday, ‘cuz in my mind, any day can be hump day.  Particularly if you’re a horny, depraved, dirty-minded sub-toy who is just dying to show me what a desperate doofus you are. LOL.

It’s so sexy when a submissive humiliation slut humps for me; and it takes a certain amount of dedication and self-control to grind those hips away in a frenzy of desire while your cock is being teased but not touched in the way you *really* want.  Poor little humper…it’s such delicious torment.

Hump It All For Me

Before you attempt this task, you are to abstain from touching your creepy weenie for at least three days prior.  No playing with yourself, no orgasms.  I want you ripe with lots of horny build up.  On the day you are going to perform for me, you will begin by kneeling for five minutes and repeat the following mantra:

I am Mistress Ava’s hump slut today, grinding my cock against objects to please her. I will not touch my cock directly because it is a useless piece of flesh that doesn’t deserve pleasure.

Next, take some time to consider everything that you can hump for me.  Look around your environment with fresh eyes.  If you think about it, there isn’t much that you can’t hump and grind against.  The shower wall, the opening of the refrigerator door, the arm of your chair, the door jamb of your office, a kitchen cupboard, in between your couch cushions, that container of yogurt, the gear shift in your car, etc,. If you’re an especially ambitious humiliation whore, you can carry a notebook with you for a couple of days before you do this task so you can make note of all of the places and objects you’ll be humping for me.

Hump With Abandon

In order to successfully complete this humiliation task, you will have spent an entire day humping no less than 25 different objects for me.  Each humping session should last no more than one minute and no matter how excited you get, you must not get off.  I know this will not be easy for a masturbation addict such as yourself, but you also know that immediate denial can mean immense pleasure for you later on.

I expect a full report detailing every object you humped for me.  You can share this with me in our next phone humiliation session and if I’m pleased with your offering, you might just get the reward you’re aching for. Or, I might just make you re-hump all of those objects again and again, perhaps even on webcam…so be sure to hump creatively and with gusto if you want any kind of release.

Miz Ava

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