Marlena17Have you been naughty?

Chances are you’ve done SOMETHING that warrants punishment, so what is it? Are you a chronic masturbator who can’t stop stroking to pictures of his gorgeous Mistress? Maybe you’re a panty thief who loves sniffing and touching the sexy, lacy panties he stole from his room mate’s hamper? Or are you a disobedient denial pet who had an orgasm when you were told no? Whatever the case, you’re deserving of a humiliation punishment. Because of this, I love inflicting a good, merciless spanking as a tried and tested manner of punishment.

Find the perfect implements.

I want your bottom bright red and warm with pain, so you’ll have to find the appropriate spanking implement. The wooden spoon from your kitchen can deliver quite the swat, and the hairbrush in your bathroom is perfect for thuddy pain. Get creative, my pets! Look for wide, firm items for a deep, dull sensation and thin, long items for a stinging pain.

Now start smacking!

With your pants and underwear down at your ankles, I want you to begin administering swift, hard swats to your naughty ass. Start with 10 on each cheek. After each set, I want to hear you confess something. Have you done something you shouldn’t? Do you have a secret desire you’re too embarrassed to say? After every set of 10 swats, you’re going to reveal another dirty, horny thing you’ve done or thought! I love the sound of spanking coupled with the embarrassing confessions of a humiliation slut.

So tell me, why do YOU deserve a spanking?

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Find your Humiliation Mistress and submit to your spanking punishement today.

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