Marlena6 smallIf you expect to cum, get your face ready.

There are few things more annoying than a chronic masturbator with an entitlement to orgasms. Left to their own devices, naughty strokers would quickly forget that release is a privilege, not a right. If you expect to earn that privilege from me, you’re going to have to do something in return to amuse me. And as a Humiliatrix with a penchant for all things hot, creamy, and sticky, nothing amuses me more than a man with his own cum on his face. That’s right, you’re going to give yourself a cum facial.

Get in position, humiliation slut!

It’s time to get in position, and you should know exactly what that means. I want your legs over your head and your cock aimed right at your horny little mouth. Focus on the way your leaking cock is dripping precum, and get ready to take it all. Open your mouth wide, cumslut.  As your hand pumps your throbbing cock faster and faster, I want your tongue out waiting to catch that hot, messy load!

Enjoy a long, sticky night.

When you’re done, don’t clean up just yet. You may unfurl from your humiliatingly pathetic position, but I want you to stay in bed for a few moments. I’m sure your cum will make a huge, creamy mess all over your face. Take a second to take in what you’ve done. As the cum drips down your own chin, ask yourself this: Do you feel like a pathetic, cum-loving humiliation slut? Well…you should. Breathe through the embarrassment, and enjoy the sensation of your own mess running down your cheeks.

So tell me, how does it feel to cum on your face?

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