You don’t have what it takes

Trust me. I can tell by the way your pants lie perfectly flat against your groin that there is absolutely NOTHING there for me to get excited about. I am a size queen, through and through. I need a big, meaty, THICK cock to satisfy me and that useless thing that doesn’t-quite-dangle-between-your-thighs doesn’t even come close. But you knew that already, didn’t you. I’m FAR from the first woman to express her extreme disappointment and amusement when you presented her with your little nubbin. But there is something that you CAN do for me…

I enjoy giggling at your gherkin

Don’t get me wrong… Cock size definitely matters. And while that inch worm that you’re hiding so effectively most CERTAINLY can’t do anything for me physically,  I have to admit that I do really enjoy listening to those pathetic little whimpers and moans that you let slip as I mock that shy little turtle you’re trying to coax out. I love the way my tinkling laugh makes you squeeze your eyes shut tight, trying to concentrate on not letting your mini peenie slip out from between your fingers… Hehehe! It’s a relationship of perfect symbiosis, you get to make me laugh… And I get to make YOU whimper…

You love the way I laugh

There is something about hearing me giggle at your shriveled little teeny needle dick that excites you though, isn’t there. The teasing tone in my voice while I point out your inability to make a tent in your boxers, or how you only have to use two fingers to stroke your tiny cocktail weenie just makes you tingle in ALL the right places… It’s almost enough to turn your innie into an outtie! You just LOVE small penis humiliation, and can’t get enough of my stinging words and playful jabs. Admit it, there is nothing that makes you hotter than listening to me snicker…

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