Mistress Alexis exposes youYou’re a sad, sad sissy. I say that not because you’re feeling blue about missing the latest panty sale at Macy’s. I say it because let’s face it. You’re not up to snuff. Do I really need to spell it out for you? Okay, if you insist. When it comes to being a sissy, you’re terrible at what you do. Mistress Alexis has always been one for straight talk, and you are just not passable.

Do you even know how to BE a sissy?

I know you try. You really do. You have the sissy uniform, right? The high heels, the matching handbag, even the panties and bra. You’ve got on the skirt and top, but something just isn’t working. Even those breast forms are just making the situation worse.

Look at my picture. Are you anywhere close to looking like me? I didn’t think so. First of all, just look down at your hairy legs and chest. Are you kidding me? All of that has got to go. And what is with that stubble all over your chin? Do you honestly think that a platinum blonde wig and a little cocksucker red lipstick will make you look anything less like a hobo clown?

Feminization is not a joke, but you are!

There is really nothing worse than a lazy sissy. You are an affront to the gurls everywhere who understand that being feminine takes hard work, determination, and lots of wax! It’s tough being a natural-born femme too. Trust me. I can’t help but take one look at you and just roll my eyes at the sheer audacity of your nerve. You need some real training on how to look more like a woman, but in the meantime I can’t just let you get away with giving real sissies a bad name, now can I?

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