Now That Is One Little Dick

I spy something so small, that it takes some serious searching to locate. What is it? Come on..look harder…harder..YES, that’s it!! Between your legs is the teeny weeny that I cannot stop laughing at, and sure that’s what gave it away. My god man, how do you even grab hold to even pleasure yourself? I guess you acquire that skill with plenty of practice..giggles!! It’s clear you spend plenty of time with your hand on your little dick!

That’s Just How Life Is For You And Always Will Be

Now I’m sure you understand that I have absolutely NO use for that pathetic little member that barely dangles , hell, just over those balls actually. So sad isn’t it? You kept growing and somehow it forgot to keep up. So you had to find other ways to get attention from women throughout your life. Are you a subbie that totally spoils the women who grace you with her presence? Anything and everything that she desires…even down to running their errands and setting up their dates, turning you into her cuckold. With “real men” , of course, and changing those sheets and hand washing her intimates after. Considering you will never compare, you know you’re lucky she even keeps you around!

Speaking Of Comparing: Your Little Dick to Any Three Things

I want you to look around you right now. Pick out at least three things to compare that button dick too. Is it the size of a lighter, ect? I want to laugh my ass off at your expense and I’m sure it won’t be difficult! Telling my girlfriends all about you and the things that you found that represent the pin dick that you are stuck with. At least it has some kind of purpose…making us girls happy with laughter!

So comment below or call me and tell me what you found. I can’t wait to tell my girls! ~Naughty Smile~

LIsten to Ms Kaylee

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