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If you like sensual humiliation you might want to skip this blog post. ~laughs~ I’m feeling particularly wicked today and I am thinking about what would be on YOUR loser list. This is going to be a hardcore humiliation assignment for true losers, like you!

Top 5 reasons why you’re a loser

I’m not sure if calling phone sex to get off should be on the loser list (unless you want it on there LOL) because, honestly, I thoroughly enjoy humiliating you! I laugh while you get embarrassed. The harder you get, the more I laugh and it’s not that fakey fakey giggle; I’m really laughing AT you! You can read what I like about erotic humiliation in this post on my Experienced Mistress blog.

small penis equals loser

Okay, that’s a no brainer. If you have a tiny dick then I might have ‘other’ uses for you but that teeny weeny penis isn’t getting anywhere near my lovely pussy. Just saying that I don’t put up with a cock that I cannot feel inside me. If I think I have to ask, “Are you in me yet” then ~sound of buzzer buzzing~ YOU LOSE!

Humiliation assignment

Your loser list is unique to you so here’s your humiliation assignment. I want you to email me your loser list or tell me your loser list on the phone. I might even post some of your loser lists on my blog to tell the whole world what a loser you are. Click on the banner below for a free humiliation audio to find out what might go on a loser list. My email is olivia AT

Now, take your hand off that pathetic penis and get started on your loser list.

Ms Olivia


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