I have a really fun stroking game for us to play! I’m sure you’ll love it. Ready?

Stoking Game with Ms Courtney

Have you ever played the game “Fifty- Two Pick- Up?” Well, if you haven’t you are in for a real treat with this twist on an already humiliating little game. For those of you who have been living under a rock, or those of you who never had mean older brothers or sisters, or, mean older neighbors or cousins, here’s how the original game is played. You excitedly hold a deck of cards (out of the box) in one hand and ask the unsuspecting, but eager person (victim), “Hey, do you want to play Fifty- Two Pick- Up?” To which, they of course reply an exuberant, “YES!” At which point you bend the cards backwards and let all of them fly all over the floor. Then you proclaim, “Now you pick them up!” It’s so mean!

But with this variation, I want you to play the game on yourself, only, you don’t pick them up, you leave them there.  Any card that is facing up, with the number or suit showing, and no other cards overlapping it, leave it. Any card facing down, pick it up and set it aside, you won’t be using those.  Any card that is covered even slightly by another card, the lower card stays, the higher card gets put away, you won’t be needing that higher card.  Finally, if one card is overlapping another card and it’s the back of the card that’s covering the card,  pick them both up, you won’t be using them either.  So all you should have left on the floor are upward facing number or suit cards.  Once you’ve done this, add them all up. That’s how many times you get to stoke.

Hahahaha!  See?  It’s still a really…

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