Marlena6Another sad, lonely night in bed…

You didn’t think I’d join you, did you? You know that pathetic little dicklette between your legs isn’t enough to entice a woman like me. It must be such a tease to see me standing here in my sexy fully fashioned stockings and red lingerie. I have no doubt your head is spinning with fantasies, but the reality of the situation is that I’d never, ever get in bed with a bitchboy like you. We all know you’re going to wind up bed humping again.

So you’re going to be fucking your mattress tonight!

If you’re not going to please me, then you better amuse me. I want you to strip down and turn on your stomach. I know you’ve been imagining being inside of me all day long, but that will never be a reality for a stroker like you. So, your mattress is your company for the night! I want to see your hips bucking and grinding up and down. Real men get to fuck women, but sad dickless men like you have to fuck their beds! Really get into it; I want to see your ass bouncing up and down like the bitch you are! And when you’re ready to cum, you’re going to blow that white, creamy mess ALL over your sheets.

You made your bed, now sleep in it!

You heard me. Roll over, pull up your blanket, and feel that wet, sticky mess all night long. Real men feel the silky skin of a hot woman against them when they sleep, but pathetic losers like you deserve nothing more than a mess of your own cum! If you’re lucky, you might get to enjoy a dream about fucking a woman like me. But never forget: it’ll only be a dream!

Goodnight, my little mattress humper!

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