Beg for it!

Humiliating A Chronic Masturbator

I can’t say that many of my tease and denial calls involve humiliation.  Oh, pointing out how small your dick is, or making you nut off into a pair of panties can be humiliating.  Having you suck on a dildo, or fuck yourself with one can be as well.  But what I’m really talking about is being humiliated for stroking.

Cock Control

I would think it would be somewhat humiliating to give up control of your cock to a Mistress.  You no longer have any say over how it gets stroked, when it get stroked, and more importantly, when it gets to cum.  You’re a chronic masturbator and you just can’t control yourself.  Don’t you even get the slightest tingle of embarrassment knowing that your dick has complete and total control over you?  So the control of your cock starts with me, then your cock, then finally you.

Being Allowed to Cum

You’ve always been able to control that haven’t you?  Well, I guess not, that’s why you’re here.  I could never allow anyone to tell me when I could or couldn’t orgasm – guess that’s why I’m not a submissive, huh?  I would find it humiliating to have to beg for my own pleasure.  And even when you beg, there’s no guarantee I’ll give you a full release.  I know how bad you must feel when I tell you not to cum, and then I ruin it or coerce an orgasm out of you.  That’s a special kind of humiliation isn’t it?  Knowing that you have no control over your own horny body!

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