This is a perfect humiliation assignment for all of you fellas who are embarrassed about your size, or, are humiliated being seen by pretty women while you are naked and they are clothed.  For this assignment you can choose to do one of two things. (Or, if you are really feeling like a glutton for punishment, you can do both!) Welcome to the CFNM Spa assignment!

CFNM Spa Instructions

I want you to find a full-service salon or spa, and find out whether or not they do body waxing, massages, or both (if you opt for that).  Decide which one you want to do.  If you go with the body waxing, you need to get your cock and balls waxed, and your ass, too.  This will of course require you to be completely naked during your waxing.  Chances are, the person doing the waxing will be a woman.  Typically, the women who do this kind of work are very sexy. So this should prove to be very, very embarrassing.

Conversely, if you decided to do the massage, you will also have to be naked for this.  The massage therapist will give you a towel or a sheet to drape over your private parts, but she will clearly be able to see the outline of your junk when you are on your back on the massage table.  Now, the really trick part for both assignments will be this: trying NOT to get hard in front of the pretty lady.

I know, I know, it’s brutal, but you must go through with this to get credit for this difficult assignment.  I want you to…

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