Ms Marlena's humiliating gamesWhores like you only crave one thing…

And that one thing is sucking cock. I know you bite your lip with desire when you imagine yourself in a coerced bi scenario with your sexy Mistress. I love hearing the deliciously nasty sounds of a cock slut busy at work, and I want to hear YOU slurping, sucking, licking, and gagging on a thick, long toy for me.

So go get your toy…

Reach into the drawer where you keep your favorite toy, and get down on your knees for me. Lick your tongue around your cock sucking lips and start taking that dildo into your warm wet hole of a mouth. You’re such an obedient, supplicant little cock whore, aren’t you? Keep going, then; I want your toy wet and sloppy as you take it balls deep into your cock craving mouth.

Don’t talk with your mouth full…

Unless your Mistress tells you to, of course. I love playing humiliating games of repetition as you push that thick, veiny dildo deeper and deeper into your mouth. It makes me laugh so much to hear your garbled sentences as you thrust a cock in and our of your mouth. I want to hear you repeat, “I’m a nasty whore for thick cock!” and “I’m Ms Marlena’s Cock Slut” over and over. It’s not easy to speak with your lips tightly stretched around a huge, fleshy dildo, but you’re going to get a lot of practice!

Now repeat after me, “I’m Ms Marlena’s Cock Slut!”

Listen to Ms Marlena

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