Mistress CassandraSo your masturbation is keeping you hornier and hornier? It’s time to tighten up the rules for chronic masturbators and blow job duty boys. This assignment post is inspired by BJDB, my premier masturbation, cum eating humiliation slut.

You need cum eating humiliation!

All assignments will culminate with the requirement  of a cum eating video at the end of each week while on this program. You must be a bi slut to do some of these assignments. If you are not, then learn to be, or do only infraction 1 assignment at the bottom. I expect infractions, so don’t act like you are an angel.

Week one: Every single orgasm will be ruined during this week. This will keep you horny and dissatisfied, willing to reach for the next goal. Be sure to consume all precut and all globs.

Week two: Now you finally get to have some real orgasms, but, you must consume all of it. You must hold this cum in your mouth for a given time:

1st blast: five minutes

2nd blast: 10 minutes

3rd blast: 15 minutes

4th and final blast at the end of the day: not held in the mouth but in the hand and used as an evening moisturizer.

You will journal all jerk offs. Any infractions will result in a punishment. Punishment for 1 infraction is (choose one)

1) No masturbating, porn watching, or any type of phone sex involvement for one day. Add days for each infraction.

2) Choose a place you frequent where you give blowjobs. For each infraction, receive a cum facial from a willing gentleman. I’m not sure if this is a punishment, however, it would be very humiliating to be done in public.

Submit your journal entries and video weekly to my email: cassandra@enchantrixempire.com

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