Ms. Delia’s Sides Are Splitting

Small Penis Humiliation

I Can’t Believe it is SO Small!!

Through all the years I have been here at The Enchantrix Empire I have gotten so many pictures of teeny tiny peckers.  I keep them all in a gallery, and whenever I need a good laugh, I just open it up and start looking at them!  Oh, I just end up splitting my sides with laughter. I laugh so hard I actually start crying!  Now that I’ve discovered The Visualizer, I have an assignment for you pencil dicks.

Compare And Contrast

Oh, my teacher side is coming out.  I want you all to write a theme…in pictures.  Compare and Contrast your tiny nub to real cocks.  I want you to go to The Visualizer, follow their directions for measuring your pindick, and then go ahead and compare.  I know none of you are Mr. Average, but are you at least Mr. Modest?  Now, for the pictures…

You Want Me To Be Amused, Don’t You?

I sure will be! I want you to compare yourself to the gold standard, Mr. Perfect. I blog a lot about perfect cocks, and wonderfully this site has one so you can input your measurements and be compared to the standard of perfection there! And being standard, if everyone snaps a screen shot or picture of the screen and sends me that picture, I can finally have one way to rank those teeny tiny dicklets. I wonder who is the smallest of them all. You have to do your assignment to find out!

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