Mistress Cassandra's Small Penis ContestListen up inadequate males and sissies. I list sissies in their own category because to me they are not males at all. This contest will require sissies to wear nighties in pastels and crotchless panties with lace at the opening. The reason being is the lace will probably be longer than sissy’s cock furthering the humiliation. Sissy shaves all pubic hair off of course, and must have a tape measure to measure her little clit. Face shots are not needed unless you want to show me your pathetic little wimpy face.

Inadequate males will be shaved as well. This makes a small cock even smaller, and on view for inspection. “Real” men are not required to wear panties but will be required to have a tape measure which will show the measurement. hopefully I can get a winner who will be under one inch. Face shots are not required, I only want the dick.

A camera will be required to photograph the little penises with measurement visible to Mistress. Photos will not be published. After I have chosen a winner, the winner may publish his picture with his own home made banner above his little cock that says ” Mistress Cassandra’s Small Penis Champion”.  The winner publishes to his Tumblr, blog, etc, and will send me his link for inspection.

Send all photos to cassandra@enchantrixempire.com. After I get ten contestants, I will make a selection. All others will be losers, which they are, and so is the winner. Good luck!

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