I see you touching your tiny  pathetic penis...

I see you touching your tiny pathetic penis…

Cock and Ball Torture is great for Small Penis Humiliation too!

I have a brand new audio for boys with the CBT and the SPH groups.   The CBT group is tapping My phone… Jokes aside, I have found there is no better person to tie up and humiliate than a man with a teeny tiny clit. It just makes sense that you would tie it up and laugh at it.

Every little dicklet should be laughed at.

Every woman knows this deep inside. The next step of course is not just to tie it up but to abuse it a little bit. A small cock is not going to get the same satisfaction from a woman’s vagina. It just can’t since it’s too small. Cock and ball torture on the other hand can give even the little penis a great deal of happiness. It should be punished for being so small. It is time, ladies, that we put those small little cocklets in their proper place.

First I take out my handy dandy ruler.

Remember, we already have the little penis and balls securely in place with a cock ring. Every little penis should own one. Then we measure the penis. It is always good to have the correct measurement by measuring from the bottom to the tip. Next, pull out a dildo and compare. Let’s face it, if it’s smaller than your favorite dildo, it is way too small for consumption by either mouth or vagina.

Next, have fun smacking it. Don’t be surprised if it drips with pre-cum as this is natural from the little cocks. Finally, have fun, it’s essential that you have fun with any and every cock whether riding it for pleasure, or hitting it for pleasure.

I can’t wait to spank and hit YOURS!

Love you boys!



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