Marlena's Tiny Dick Scavenger HuntIs that a thimble in your pocket, or are you excited to see me?

As a skilled Humiliatrix, I love putting together creative assignments to humiliate the pathetic strokers vying for my attention. I’ve devised a little game to keep some of you pindick losers busy when you’re furiously fumbling with your mini-dicks. Women are always comparing men’s cock sizes to various household items. Certainly you’ve heard a woman say, “His cock was as huge as a cucumber!” Of course, she wasn’t saying that about you, but you know precisely what I mean…

Get hard and start searching…

In this game, you are going to scour your entire home in search of objects the size of your teeny, little stick. I want you to find the type of household items women would compare your cock to. Get ready to squint and look closely because these items will be small! Here’s a hint: don’t forget to check the junk drawer with all of the tiny trinkets that are as small, useless, and forgettable as your itty bitty dick!

Report back with what you’ve found.

Once you’ve gathered an assortment of objects—at least one from each room of your house—that are the size of your dick, I want you to tell me what you’ve found. Real men would report back with thick, fat, heavy cucumbers, but dicklette wimps like you will likely come back with a toothpick or a pen cap! Are you up for the challenge? Your dick might not be useful for much, but at least it’ll amuse me in this tiny dick humiliation scavenger hunt.

So, could YOUR tiny dick be compared to?

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