Public humiliation with Ms CourtneyThis is for all of the humiliation junkies who like to take it public!  I want you to pick out a pair of shorts or sweats that are really loose.

Practice at home in front of a mirror to find the shorts or pants that are the most revealing when you pop a boner.  Yep, you guessed it!  You are going to wear the most revealing shorts or pants out in public, all while sporting an erection.  Now for you small penis fellas, this is not going to be that embarrassing for you, but hey, you have a tiny dick, so that’s embarrassment enough, right?  Okay, now, for this public humiliation exercise, you CANNOT wear any underwear. So when you are trying on this to see how you look, make sure that you aren’t wearing underwear then, too.

Okay?  I want your boner to be so obvious that you make the people who see you very uncomfortable.  I’ll let you pick where you go.  Please, pick an adult only place, okay?  Otherwise, that’s just creepy and rude.  But seriously, if you pick a bar, or a strip club, or a adult toy store, really rock that boner.  Let everyone see it!  Thrust your hips forward and show it off!  I’m quite sure you will get some very humiliating looks from every person who sees your boner!  And I know that all of you boys who like humiliation are going to really enjoy being so exposed and hard in front of pretty girls, and even some guys!  Have fun with it!  Then I want you to…

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