What is sex addict humiliation?

You know you are a sex addict when you think about sex every moment of the day. You have the porn on your phone and your computer by category. I might add that you watch different types of porn all based upon your mood. You are always looking for the next extraordinary thing that adds that needed sexual lift for your day.   You need a sexual pick me up every day! You go to the grocery store and note how many things look like toys or things that would be fun to stimulate your cock. Finally, giving up your sexual devices and fantasies would be equivalent to giving up coffee. It’s just not going to happen. EVER!

Does this sound a little bit like you My little pervert?

I’m thinking just the idea of worshiping My body gets you so excited that you have to take a little lunch break sometimes. (You don’t get to eat lunch.) Rather, you spend your time focusing on the caution sign suddenly jealous of a piece of plastic. Your wife has no idea how many pictures of Me are on your phone. She also does not know that you are on Enchantrix Empire so you can get to know all the Mistresses.

Sometimes you think about Mistresses while playing with your wife!

Yes, I know all these things. I know all your dirty little secrets. I know about the size of your pin dick and how you wish you were larger. All of your so called sins, I know those too. These things all add to the fact that you are absolutely addicted to sex. You love the tingling feeling. You love the exhilaration you get when you are on the edge of being sexually stimulated. You just can’t get enough of being laughed at and mocked.

Then YES, you are a sex addict! It’s ok though, as I am a sex addict too. That of course won’t stop Me from laughing at YOU for it.

If you are Man enough click on the audio below. It’s both an assignment and a command!





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Find your Humiliation Mistress and admit you’re a sex addict today.

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