Ms Olivia's condom amusementI know that you have already realized that condoms don’t work for you.  Even the smallest size is just too big.  Awwwwwwww.  A condom is pretty useless if it slips off and that is what happens to you.  You’ve got a small dick and the smallest condom is simply too big.  ~laughs~

Your Chance To Wear a Big Condom

Now you’ve finally got a chance to wear a condom!

I want you to go to the store and buy a nice BIG CONDOM!  ~laughs~  I want you to ask for something that is extra, extra large.  I guarantee this will give you a lil stiffy but don’t worry, you and I both know that nobody will notice!  ~grinz~ 

That’s the wicked, evil genius of this assignment!  After all, Mistress knows how to give you public humiliation assignments that will torment you but also keep you safe.

I know you’re not used to asking for XXL condoms so look for the DUREX XXL – that is the largest condom made by Durex and has an 8.3 inch length — LOTS of room for your tiny one!  If you want to experience even more humiliation then you need to, get THIS condom from my free erotic audio about pin dick humiliation.

Mistress Knows You are too Small For a Condom

Why did Mistress have you get an extra, extra large condom?  Well, part of this for me is my enjoyment of your torment of having to buy a box of condoms that won’t fit you.  ~snicker~  But, wait!  THESE CONDOMS WILL FIT!   Remember there are so many ways to humiliate yourself for your Mistress.

Condom Wearing Humiliation Instructions

1.     Get hard, as hard as you got being told by your Mistress to get large condoms.

2.     Unroll the condom and even though it’s way too big for you I want you to FULLY unroll that condom so you’ve got all that extra condom about the base of that …. Ahem … THING (remember it’s not a cock).

3.     Stretch that slack above your balls and tuck those balls INSIDE the condom!  You heard me, I want you ALL IN the condom, balls and all.

Awwwww.  Everything fits, doesn’t it?  ~laughs~  And you probably STILL have room to spare!  ~sigh~  Remember a real man will fill up the condom with his shaft and you have to struggle to fill it up with your small penis and small balls.

Click on this small penis humiliation free erotic audio to find out what to do next and listen to Mistress laugh at your efforts.

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