Ms Lydia's humiliation roomYou are sitting in my lavishly decorated waiting room when the door suddenly opens and I walk out looking down at the clipboard I am holding.

As I call out your name, you rise from the leather couch you are sitting on with hesitation. I smile at you, sensing your obvious nervousness and tell you that I am ready for you. You meekly follow me through the door and down a long, marble floored hallway. We come to a room at the very end of the hall and I open the door.

In the room, you notice the exam table with a red satin sheet over it. You also notice a chair, desk, and an elegant large ornate mirror on the wall opposite the table.

I instruct you to remove all of your clothing and change into the neatly folded examination gown on the counter behind you, and then hop up on the exam table. I excuse myself from the room so you can put it on.

I return a few moments later to find you sitting on the exam table in quite the odd predicament of having been given an ill-fitting gown. It is entirely too big for you to wear without it completely falling off of you, not to mention that it is also quite short!

I giggle and apologize as I take the gown from you and excuse myself once more to retrieve another one for you. As you listen to the sound of my heels slowly click down the hallway, you look around the room and it occurs to you that when I picked up the gown to carry out of the room, I seem to have also picked up your coat, tie, shirt, pants and underwear (the underwear which you now realize that you *accidentally* removed in haste and nervousness in one quick sweep, along with your pants).

You feel an immense sense of panic as you franticly look around the room for your clothing in disbelief and horror, yet strangely enough, you quickly begin to notice that you also feel a sense of arousal and before you know it, you are completely hard. Your mind is racing, and just when you think it couldn’t get any worse, you hear the sound of giggling in the next room.

You don’t notice me as I come back into the room, nor do you notice that the mirror next to you is actually a two-way mirror and a light in the adjoining room is now on.

You also notice the 5 gorgeous women behind the window who are now giggling and laughing at you.

As your own cock betrays you at the sight of this embarassing shock of a scene, I come back into the room holding a pink pair of lace panties. “This seems to be the only thing I could find in the back for you, so I suppose we will have to …improvise a bit. It might not be much, but I would imagine that it would be better than being…naked, yes? And from what I can ..see, you look like you are quite ready to begin.”

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