My name is “little dick’ and for a good reason, I have a very small penis. It is sad that I can use two fingers to jerk off.

Oh poor little dick. I’ve seen the picture of his useless stump, and I have to say I was QUITE impressed – rarely does a small penis surprise me. Oh, I have an entire folder of tiny dick pictures, but little dick’s truly stands out – well, at least the pictures stand out, his poor tiny penis does not. This poor pervert really enjoyed showing off his little pecker, too!

He wins the award for “Most Pathetic Tiny Penis.” Where shall I put your statue, little dick? As you’ll see later, that’s a bit of a dangerous question to be asking little dick. LOL.

Says little dick: If I can entertain Mistress Piper by having her humiliate me then something good might cum out of it.

“Cum of it?” Did I hear that correctly? Our little dick not only offends me with his ridiculous penis pictures, pants on the phone while I let him pinchie play with it, and he expects me to also let him cum?

Why on earth would I allow this poor excuse for a male to enjoy a squirty squirt?

Mistress Piper may let me make worship puddles for Her amusement. Sometimes when I eat cum, my little penis gets a little bigger.


But NOT very much.

Oh. Of course, lol.

Go back to what you said earlier–about the worship puddles and eating cum for your Mistress.

Oh, and that’s not all! No, no, no! My lovely little dick does indeed put on quite a show!

Picture this:

A paunchy middle aged man with a huge bush and a shy tiny wee wee. He’s wearing….wait, is that a little pink snout? Oh yes indeed. Does he have a curly tail? No, but he does have his butt firmly plugged, and his ass plug has a heart on the handle! How sweet is that?

If little dick expects to make a mess for me, then he better start humping his desk to get off like the pervert he is!

Picture little dick with his fat white ass in the air, slapping that thumb dick down on the furniture and grinding. Wasn’t he just sending a work email in the very spot an hour ago? Now he’s writing my name in precum, squealing like the porcine pervert he is.

And when he does cum? Oh he roots around in that “worship puddle” looking for truffles, snorting all the while.

I’m now taking applications for more pets to amuse me. Hop to the comments here and tell me why I should choose YOU for my next plaything. Make it good and don’t disappoint me!

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