Ms Olivia's condom humiliationI’m laughing right now even as I’m writing this post. Click here to hear the humiliation free erotic audio of condom sizes so you can choose the perfect condom for your small penis! ~laughs~

You probably haven’t been condom shopping because you and I both know that every brand is useless, it slips off! Isn’t that true? Awwwwwwww. You now know that size does matter, especially when you’re into small penis humiliation.

I actually love the sexual drama of dating a guy with a small penis. I can spot him. He’s the serial dater. He overcompensates in so many ways. He thinks that being extra charming will woo me. BUT then there’s the moment when he MUST drop his underwear and mind you, that’s the point of no return and I’m already starting to giggle. There’s NO fucking bulge there! Maybe a bump but not much! And he’s HARD. Awwwwwwwww.

This is absolutely the perfect time to point out that a small penis is not a cock. AND YET, there are is something very fun to do now that you’ve been humiliated by going to the store and asking for a condom with a SNUGGER FIT.

Condom Jerk humiliation instructions

1. Get hard – I know that’s a relative term. ~laughs~

2. Open the snugger fit condom and put it on.

3. Look at just how TINY you are compared to the smallest condom made for the North American market. Awwwwwwww.

4. Now, hold the base between your thumb and first finger and do what you do to that nubby lil stub to rub-n-tug.

You have permission from Mistress to cum….in fact, I WANT you to cum in the condom. Leave the condom ON and put a tight pair of panties. YES I said panties because you’re not really a MAN are you? ~laughs~ Now click here for your instructions of what to do next in this small penis humiliation free erotic audio.

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