Hello, whore. Yes, I mean YOU, you skanky slut.

Ms Melanie

Your Little Secret

I know your little secret, the one you try to hide every day and every minute of your pathetic life. You go to your job and bully people to get what you want. You tail other cars when you drive, to show them who is boss. You manipulate your wife or girlfriend in oh so subtle ways to make her want you just enough to fool yourself into thinking you’re a man. Maybe it’s your money, or your title, or your nice home. No matter, because I know the truth about you.

Pathetic Peon With a Worthless Cock

The truth is you are just a loser, and it’s time to admit it. So what I want you to do is ASK your lady how you do when you make love – you know, ask her how you fuck her, and how you can improve. If she is surprised and says you do fine, ask her again – I know my penis is a little small, how does it compare to your prior lovers? Do I move ok inside of you? Do I last long enough? After a while she will come around and start telling you how others satisfied her better than you. And you KNOW they did, because your big man act is just that, an act. As your lady gives you sex tips and advice on how your cock can do better, you will feel it shrinking up, even as your face smiles and nods at her. Then, when she is done critiquing you, I want you to ask her one final question – Who do you think about when I’m inside of you?

The Fallout from Your Wake-Up Call

This exchange about your penis and how much you still don’t know will have a lasting effect on you. You will carry the experience with you when you go about your days, and maybe you won’t tail other cars so closely or be so boldly aggressive at work. Because you know that if you do, and if you are, a much needed dose of humiliation is required to snap you back into your worthless peon place.


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