You can’t deny that you want it…

What Man Eats Cum?

I know my sissy pets and my cocksucking faggots love eating cum.  And my cuckold’s eat cum because it’s expected that they clean up those creampies after my Bulls and I are done. But you’re not a sissy, cocksucker or cuckold, so why would you eat your cum?  In fact, you call me up, and the first thing you say is “Ms. Christine, I want to stroke for you and eat my cum.”

You Asked For It

You almost take all the fun out of it when you tell me right up front you’re going to swallow your spunk.  It’s so much more fun to tease you and edge you, deny you your orgasm and listen to you beg and promise me you’ll eat that jizz if only I’ll let you get off.  Begging makes me so wet.  But you’re already a cum eater, a jizz gobbler, a spooge slurper, aren’t you?

What Is It About Cum?

Do you crave the humiliation?  Knowing that you’re doing something you always thought women are supposed to do?  Are you eating your own cum and trying to work up to actually become a cocksucker and drinking it straight from the source?  Do you crave cum badly?  Eating your own is okay, but swallowing a nice, warm load directly from some other’s guy cock will make you gay right?  For me, that doesn’t matter and I’ve got news for you cum junkie.  Your jizz, someone else’s spunk, a warm creampie?  It’s all cum and however you look at it, you’re a cum eater! 😉

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