cass-3-200x300My favorite humiliation phone session without a doubt is ignore, ignore, ignore. What I find so wonderful is it requires hardly any effort on my part. I catch up on emails, do a post such as this, in fact, one of my ignore boys is sitting on the phone right now listening to me type away. After I finish this post and it is uploaded, this boy will relive the whole humiliating experience. So far he’s had to endure a phone conversation I had with my friend. We were discussing what I was doing, and that simply I was filing my nails, writing this post, and looking at the phone laughing about the loser on the other side of the line.

Your assignment here is to begin to practice being invisible to the world. No one wants to hear what you have to say. Moments of silence, wearing drab wardrobe, walking with head lowered, is a good beginning. Practice being very submissive to beautiful powerful women, read up on Femdom, and hike that voice an octave or two to generate a willingness to wear panties for your Mistress even though you are not a sissy.

What you will do on a call where you are being ignored is very important. If it is possible, Mistress will order you on cam so she may randomly walk by to see if you are doing her bidding. Doing her bidding may be being on your knees in front of the cam while worshipping her photos without stroking. Putting on full makeup for humiliation, standing in the corner, or writing 100 lines of worship. You are not to speak ever unless Mistress asks you a question. Questions being: how does it feel to be a complete loser paying for nothing? Give me an edge and then stop, does it feel good moron? Sometimes Mistress can walk by and say “cha change cha change cha change”. Mistress then can go about her business. Are you this kind of humiliation loser? Good!


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