You’re invited to a party, sissy! Of course, you will be the entertainment as our “toy” for the evening. When you arrive, I send you to your room where I have laid out your outfit. You find fishnet stockings, a pair of barely there g-string panties, bra, and strappy , red, platform heels. Hurry it up , you little dick loser!!! You do not want to keep company waiting!!

Cat Walk Time

Once downstairs, you find a room full of gorgeous women, and some men here for the show. All sitting around a very long table. At each end there are steps for you to walk up and model that slutty outfit for all of us to laugh and point at your tiny pin dick. So tiny, it hardly bounces as you are made to stride across the table. After we have all had a good laugh at your ridiculous excuse for a dick, I point you in the direction of the chaise lounge. You know what time it is now, don’t you? Party sissy sluts know how to put on a good show.

Get That Ass In the Air

You look at me nervously, and of course, sternly I slap your ass! Come on now slut, time to let everyone see what you are good for. Up on all fours! I walk over and begin to slap the insides of your thighs. Spread them nice and far apart. Let them get a good look at what they will get to fuck this evening. That’s right, there are quite a few women here packing nice, big strap-ons. Get ready for a long night of humiliation, sucking, and best of all, taking every strap-on cock in the room!

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