Contrary to what many men believe, the desire to suck cock isn’t always connected to a physical attraction to other men. It is for genuinely bi-sexual or gay men. But lots of those “curious” men aren’t so much sexually attracted to other men as they are horny, eager to try something new, or most commonly, aching for something that leaves them totally humiliated. That’s right, most cocksucking fantasies stem from a desire to be utterly humiliated. Awesome, isn’t it?

The Lack of Dick Problem

Being the kind and giving Mistress that I am, I’m always willing to indulge this desire for cocksucking humiliation. The problem, if you can call it that, is that most of you guys don’t have a dick immediately available to you. But no worries. It’s not like we can’t accomplish the same thing during a cocksucking assignment with a dildo. So here’s your humiliation assignment because I know you’re anxiously awaiting it.

Your Humiliation Assignment

All you’ll need for this assignment is a dildo of your choice and a camera (or a webcam if you feel really adventurous). You’re going to suck that dildo for me like you’re swallowing down my boyfriend’s big black cock, and you’re going to take pictures of yourself to send to your ebony Goddess. And after that, you’re going to call me to hear what I think of your self-made porn. Or alternatively, you can just call me and show off your cocksucking skills on webcam while you talk to me. That part, I’ll leave up to you!

If you want to make this a really humiliating challenge then be sure to listen to the audio. I added a little twist to the above assignment.

Listen to Ms Sirena

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